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AdTonos gives the opportunity to track campaign results by adding Audiopixel. The same audiopixel can be added to one or several advertising campaigns.

The tracker can be put into campaigns with statuses: Draft, Pending, Active, Paused.

To add tracking audiopixel please press „Add” and select the campaigns to be tracked. Then press „Ok”.

The Audiopixel section consists of the following columns:

  • Created at,
  • Campaign – campaign or campaign’s name connected to the Audiopixel,
  • URL,
  • Additional options:
    • Copy Audiopixel URL to clipboard,
    • Show HTML,
    • Edit Audiopixel – here you can change campaigns associated with this pixel, add the new one or remove it,
    • Verify Audiopixel integration – you can check if the pixel is implemented on your website properly. Please follow the steps of instruction,
    • Request CSV report – at any time you can request the Audiopixel report. Just select the date range and press the button „Apply date”. The Report will be sent to your email address within 30 minutes.

To learn more about Audiopixel integration go to: https://learn.adtonos.com/docs/advertiser/integrations/