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Referral Scheme

Some publishers may use the idea of the referral program to invite their advertisers to launch campaigns on AdTonos.

If you have received an invitation from the publisher and want to join AdTonos to launch your first campaign, simply click the link to set up your profile as an Advertiser.

To learn how to set up your profile please follow to:

As soon as you join the program, upon the decision of your referrer you would be able to advertise only on the referrer’s audio channels (radio streams, podcasts, etc.) or on the whole audio inventory available. Please be advised that depending on the current scheme rules your referrer may receive some incentive for your registration or for any other activities you perform on the platform.

Please be advised that if your advertising is limited to run only on referrer content, you may contact your referrer to change your settings but it is only to the referrer's discretion to do so.