TNW 2023, three words about the conference: great, massive, intensive.

The Next Web (TNW) Conference 2023, held in Amsterdam, was a hotspot for groundbreaking innovations and industry disruptors. Among the impressive lineup of tech companies, AdTonos stood out as a pioneering force in digital audio advertising. Here’s a closer look at AdTonos and its remarkable presence at TNW 2023.

Unveiling Cutting-Edge Technology: Daylight, AdTonos made waves at TNW by showcasing its state-of-the-art digital audio advertising platform. Daylight allows creation  of audio campaign just from a conversation with Alexa powered by Chat GPT!

A lot is going on at the event. During the audio journey panel hosted by Michal Marcinik audio advertising experts Nikols Latuff from ZENOmedia, Michael Bayston from Acast, and Sylvain LE BORGNE from MediaMath explained how generative ai will impact audio ads business and shared eys-opening predictions for the future.

We had a great time in Amsterdam, building new relationships and having inspiring chats with innovation leaders.

Harnessing the Power of Personalization: AdTonos’ presence at TNW highlighted its commitment to personalisation. The platform employs AI and advanced algorithms to deliver hyper-targeted advertising experiences. AdTonos enables brands to connect with consumers on a profoundly personalised level by tailoring messages based on listener demographics, interests, and behaviours.

Attendees witnessed firsthand how the platform seamlessly integrates audio ads into various digital audio formats, such as podcasts, music streaming services, and radio broadcasts. This innovative approach redefines the audio advertising landscape, offering brands unparalleled opportunities to engage their target audiences.


AdTonos’ presence at TNW 2023 was a testament to its dedication to innovation and its mission to transform the way brands connect with audiences through digital audio. As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve, AdTonos stands out as a trailblazing brand, paving the way for a more personalized, engaging, and effective advertising future.