As digital audio continues to rise, traditional radio maintains a dominant position, capturing nearly 60% of audio advertising revenues in 2024.

Despite this, digital audio advertising is projected to grow by 6.8% this year, reaching $7.12 billion and constituting 40.4% of all audio ad revenues. This surge in digital audio ad spending compensates for a slight decline in traditional radio advertising, contributing to the expansion of the overall audio advertising market.

According to eMarketer’s updated outlook, marketers are expected to invest $17.61 billion in audio advertising this year, a figure that is projected to rise to $18.42 billion by 2028.


However, despite the significant time consumers spend listening to audio, digital audio advertising receives fewer ad dollars than other media formats. This discrepancy highlights the untapped potential in the audio advertising landscape.

This blog post delves into eMarketer’s findings described by the Inside Radio article, exploring the evolving dynamics between digital and traditional audio advertising and the emerging trends driving the industry forward.

Read the article in Inside Radio to find out more.