The digital advertising industry is on a remarkable growth trajectory. According to the EMARKETER forecast, worldwide ad spending is set to grow by 9.0% this year, primarily driven by a 12.2% year-over-year increase in digital ad spend.

This surge underscores the shifting dynamics of the advertising landscape and highlights the increasing importance of digital platforms in reaching audiences effectively. Worldwide digital ad spending is expected to surpass the $1 trillion milestone next year. This landmark achievement highlights the advertising industry’s expanding scale and influence, fueled by robust digital investments.

Key Insights from the EMARKEERs Forecast

Digital Dominance: Digital advertising is projected to account for 70.0% of overall media ad spend worldwide. This significant share reflects the ongoing transition from traditional to digital media, driven by the rise of online platforms and changing consumer behaviour.

Global Growth: Besides Argentina, nearly every country will experience growth in digital ad spending this year. This global trend indicates a widespread recognition of the efficacy and reach of digital advertising strategies.


AdTonos joined this digital advertising revolution

By harnessing the power of programmatic audio campaigns, we have successfully amplified the reach of 5,142 brands in just the last month. Our innovative platform connects brands with a vast audience, boasting 339.1 million unique listeners and 2.73 billion available playouts across the US, Europe, and the UK.

Emphasising a Balanced Media Approach

While digital is undeniably dominant, it is crucial to maintain a balanced media approach. Traditional advertising channels still play a vital role, particularly during recurring events like the Olympics, which boost traditional ad spend significantly. A diversified strategy integrating both digital and traditional media can maximise reach and impact, ensuring that brands connect with their audiences across multiple touchpoints.

The digital advertising landscape is poised for continued growth, with audio advertising set to play a central role in this evolution. As we move towards 2028, technological advancements and the increasing integration of audio into everyday life will provide brands with unparalleled opportunities to engage and connect with consumers.

At AdTonos, we are excited to lead this charge, helping brands navigate the dynamic world of digital advertising and harness the full potential of audio to amplify their message.

Source: EMARKETER website.