What could Michael Jackson’s iconic hit “Thriller” teach us about audio advertising? Surprisingly, quite a bit. Bruce Swedien, the audio engineer behind “Thriller,” mixed the song using primary speakers. His rationale was simple yet profound: if the music sounded fantastic on rudimentary speakers, it would captivate listeners on any device, from boomboxes to headphones.

This philosophy sparked a revelation for Michal Marcinik, our CEO & Founder. Michal questioned why a similar approach wasn’t embraced in audio advertising, especially in an era of diverse audio devices beyond traditional radio. Thus began a journey to redefine the concept of audibility in audio advertising.

Explore our CEO Michal Marcinik’s video journey on building Amplifier and its ROI impact for digital audio buyers.


According to the IAB Europe and GroupM Nexus study 2023, audibility ranks closely behind campaign recall, #brandawareness, and purchase intent as a pivotal metric.

Harnessing Neuroscience to Elevate Audio Quality

In a groundbreaking neuroscience study conducted in collaboration with Neurensics, AdTonos delved into how the human brain responds to enhanced audio advertising. Researchers gained invaluable insights by subjecting participants to MRI scans while exposing them to improved and non-enhanced ads. The results were unequivocal: enhanced audio ads elicited more positive emotions, greater effectiveness, and enhanced likability than their non-enhanced counterparts.

Scientific Validation: Our Proven Amplifier

The Amplifier study by Neurensics aimed to explore the theory that „enhanced audio quality in advertisements results in better response rates and evokes strong emotional connections”. Scientific evidence demonstrates that enhancing ad quality can shift emotional perception from negative to positive.



The spider chart illustrates emotions triggered by non-enhanced (red) and Amplifier-enhanced ads (green). Enhanced ads notably improve essential emotions like Desire, Lust, Trust, and overall Value. Furthermore, negative emotions like Danger or Disgust are reduced in enhanced ads. Note that enhanced ads may require less attention for reception than listening to someone speaking quietly.


Audio quality profoundly influences the conscious and subconscious perception of the message conveyed by the audio ad. Enhancing the quality of audio ads establishes a groundwork for improving campaign effectiveness and ROI. Non-enhanced audio ads elicited a lower score for positive emotions (-0.46), whereas enhanced audio ads generated a higher score for positive emotions (0.56).



Moreover, enhanced audio ads demonstrated increased effectiveness (0.42 for enhanced compared to -0.57 for non-enhanced), higher likability (0.64 vs 0.47), and lower annoyance (-0.41 vs 0.44).

The chart below illustrates positive engagement along the X-axis and the ratio of negative to positive emotions on the Y-axis. If the ratio leans more towards negativity, it’s depicted below 0.



Ads scoring higher and towards the right (upper right quadrant) indicate better engagement. The quadrant score reflects the activation level of behavioural intentions, encompassing all audio commercial measurements. Non-enhanced ads are depicted in red, while those enhanced by Amplifier are in green.

Audio ad quality that sells: where audibility meets ROI

AdTonos leverages neuroscience insights to refine the audio quality and maximise engagement. Through meticulous research into popular audio devices and their sound processing capabilities, AdTonos developed an innovative Amplifier.

The Amplifier, an unparalleled and exclusive technology, enhances the audibility of audio digital advertising across various devices, from smart speakers, mobiles, and laptops to headphones, ensuring exceptional sound quality, proving that the ads resonate optimally and heightened engagement for every audio ad. 

  • Premium Audio Quality Across Devices: Amplifier elevates ad quality across various audio channels by employing tailored presets for popular devices such as smart speakers, earbuds, TVs, laptops, and mobiles.
  • Scientifically Validated Enhanced Audibility: Amplifier’s technology underwent rigorous validation through a series of neuromarketing studies utilising MRI scanners. The results unequivocally demonstrated that Amplifier’s sound enhancement positively influences ad perception, increasing positivity.
  • Enhanced Sound Quality for Enhanced ROI: Amplifier dynamically transforms ad audio quality in real-time, creating exceptional sound experiences that grab attention and enhance brand recall and ROI.

As the digital advertising landscape continues to evolve, Amplifier stands as a beacon of innovation, driving meaningful engagement and delivering exceptional results for advertisers worldwide.

Michal Marcinik, CEO of AdTonos, said: “Audibility is the new viewability. With the explosion in the consumption of audio advertising, from podcasting to digital radio and in-game audio, the significance of audibility is growing in the eyes of buyers. Sound quality is essential for the impact and effectiveness of those messages. We have built Amplifier to revolutionise ad audio quality, creating engaging experiences across the devices and listening environments available today.


Rethinking Audibility Standards: A Call for Change

Based on the research results, Michal Marcinik contends that the current industry standard for audibility needs to be revised, calling for a paradigm shift. The existing Media Ratings Council (MRC) standard, which deems an ad audible if heard for just two seconds, overlooks crucial nuances. Why should a 30-second ad and a brief 5-second ad be held to the same temporal metric? Michal proposes a more nuanced approach, advocating for audibility metrics based on the quality and duration of engagement rather than a fixed time threshold.

Moreover, Michal underscores the importance of redefining minimum volume thresholds for audibility, recognising that different devices possess varying volume ranges. For instance, a TV set to volume level one may technically meet audibility criteria, yet it pales in comparison to the audible clarity of a ticking watch.

In recent years, debates surrounding MRC standards have predominantly centred on online display, video, and TV advertising. However, Michal Marcinik believes audio advertising needs to be more noticed in these discussions, particularly concerning attention metrics.

Shifting the Focus: Elevating Audio Advertising Quality

AdTonos is championing a renewed emphasis on audio quality, profoundly impacting ad effectiveness. By conducting scientific research, including MRI scans, AdTonos has amassed concrete evidence linking enhanced audio quality to heightened return on investment (ROI).

Enhanced audio amplifies audibility and enhances emotional resonance, effectiveness, and overall likability. AdTonos’ Amplifier represents a quantum leap forward in audio advertising, redefining industry standards and unlocking new opportunities for brands to connect with audiences on a deeper level.

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