InsideRadio speaks about our gad-tech innovation, Amplifier, which aims to revolutionise ad quality across various audio formats and devices.

This new technology, backed by audibility neuroscience research conducted in collaboration with Neurosenics, promises to elevate the listening experience for audiences, thereby enhancing brand recall and potentially doubling the return on investment for advertisers.

With the exponential growth of audio advertising across platforms like podcasts, digital radio, and in-game audio, the significance of audibility has surged, emphasizing the critical role of sound quality in driving impactful messaging. CEO Michal Marcinik asserts that “Audibility is the new viewability,” highlighting the growing importance of ensuring clear and distinct audio ads in an increasingly crowded auditory landscape.

Through meticulous studio-based research and real-world testing, AdTonos has redefined the concept of audibility, setting forth updated standards and leveraging the Amplifier technology to dynamically enhance audio ads to meet these standards. The partnership with Neurensics further underscores the tangible impact of Amplifier-enhanced audio on emotional perception and campaign effectiveness, providing compelling evidence for the transformative potential of this innovation.

As we continue to expand its presence, particularly in the U.S. market, and collaborate with industry-leading platforms and agencies, Amplifier stands poised to reshape the audio advertising landscape and set new benchmarks for ad quality and effectiveness.

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