In an era where inclusivity is gaining paramount importance, the advertising industry must consider people with varying needs. With over 1 billion individuals worldwide living with disabilities, making ads accessible to a broader audience is both a logical and ethical imperative. Clearcast Explored This Matter in an Article Featured in The Drum.

With over 2 million people in the UK living with sight loss and only 40% of ads featuring subtitles, the article explores three key benefits of incorporating AD into TV advertising.

The Benefits of Audio Description

  • Social Responsibility: Assist an otherwise excluded group in engaging with content many take for granted, demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility.
  • Further Reach: Maximise the potential reach of your ad by making it accessible to an additional 2 million people, tapping into an untapped market.
  • Brand Loyalty: Showcase empathy and dedication to those with sight loss, fostering brand loyalty by aligning with shared values.

The article unravels the concept of AD – an additional audio track that can be activated by TV users, providing narrated descriptions of visual elements in an ad. It offers insights into creating effective AD that conveys not just essential information but also the overall vibe of an ad, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all users.

Overcoming Barriers

Addressing the challenges of conveying crucial details within the ad’s time limit, the article emphasizes the importance of early planning and creativity in overcoming potential barriers. With thoughtful consideration during the conception stage, AD can seamlessly integrate into the creative process.

Getting It Made

The article provides practical guidance on creating AD, recommending starting the process early in the ad creation timeline. It highlights providers like Zoo Digital, offers a directory of AD providers, and explains the straightforward process of uploading AD-enabled ads to The Library.

As the advertising industry evolves, the call for accessibility becomes increasingly louder. Committing to inclusivity and embracing AD can reshape the narrative, one ad at a time.

Explore the full article on The Drum for a deeper understanding of the transformative journey toward a more inclusive advertising landscape.