AdTonos CEO & Founder, Michal Marcinik, recently featured in What’s New in Publishing’s article on the IPA Bellwether Q3 Report for 2022. In this article, Michal Marcinik stresses that businesses who invest throughout a recession do stand to benefit from it, but they need to be smart about it. According to him, audio remains an under-utilised channel despite promising success.

“It is worth noting that investing in smart communications efforts in tough times can give players a competitive edge, especially if they focus on increasing value and enhancing strategies. Audio advertising is an often under-utilised solution in an advertiser’s toolbox.

Not only is audio advertising proven to inspire better ad engagement and recall of up to 25% over other formats, it also provides the ROI and trackability that is so important during a time where every cent matters” – Michal MarcinikAdTonos, CEO & Founder

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