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Is audio branding the next big thing?

Is audio branding the next big thing?

Most brands today focus on visual branding without questioning their spending on visuals. But so far, the sound has been mostly neglected. Until now.

Online music streaming services, podcast platforms, or even smartphones have made listening to the activity people do more of, and voice-activated assistants are taking that trend to commerce and actual sales. All this means that audio needs to become an integral part of a brand’s strategy if it doesn’t want to miss out big time.

Audio branding can help brands capitalize on the online audio revolution that has just started. And while becoming an essential part of a brand’s online communication, audio branding done well might also help to create a better sound environment, saving us (at least a little) from the imminent cacophony of today’s online world.

For examples of award-winning audio branding, see (and listen to) the International Sound Awards.