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AdTonos | Digital audio will continue to increase into 2021
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Digital audio will continue to increase into 2021

Digital audio will continue to increase into 2021

While 2020, the pandemic year, was challenging for the advertising and another industry and every prediction is adventurous in such uncertain times, industry leaders, sharing their insights in CXM article, argue embracing proactive adjustment is crucial to success in 2021.

“Without a doubt, 2020 served up some unpredictable challenges for the traditional consumer, with extended lockdowns and reductions in disposable income to name a few. This change in consumer behaviour led brands to rework their marketing strategies in an effort to build connections and drive engagement. At a time of increased connectivity, digital audio provided a screenless way to engage with audiences as part of their everyday routine. Be it asking Siri to open up the supermarket delivery website or instructing an Amazon Echo to play a ‘mood-booster’ playlist during the lockdown.

The potential for digital audio will continue to increase into 2021. The perception of audio – and what it can truly achieve for both consumers and brands – is no longer confined to simply listening to music. Digital audio now serves a distinct purpose for the consumer and the rise of smart devices and voice-activated engagement introduces a two-way, interactive communication channel that fosters productivity. This idea of utility stands at the forefront of digital audio and we’ll see brands increasingly adopt this tactic to provide a well-rounded experience for consumers.” – commented Michal Marcinik, CEO and Founder, AdTonos.

The authors of the article in CXM say:

“After a year of constant global disruption, the consumer experience hasn’t completely changed shape – but it is looking distinctly different.

As rolling lockdowns have limited real-world connection, technology’s role in brand interaction and purchasing has grown exponentially; sparking record levels of digital activity and fast-tracking e-commerce evolution by five years.

These shifts will drive lasting repercussions. Across every sector, businesses are now facing higher expectations of ease, speed, and consistency that look set to stay, especially when it comes to shopping. So, the question is: where do we go from here?”

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