In the dynamic digital advertising landscape, podcasting has emerged as a powerhouse, steadily gaining a significant share of listeners’ time. Edison Research’s Share of Ear 2023 report reveals a remarkable surge in podcast listening, reaching a record high of nine per cent of all audio consumption among Americans aged 13 and older. Explicitly compared to other spoken word content like news, talk radio, and audiobooks, podcasting commands a substantial 31% share, marking an impressive growth from a mere 4 % in 2014.

The Podcasting Boom

Edison’s 2023 Infinite Dial report further solidifies the podcasting boom, indicating a rebound in weekly U.S. podcast listeners after a brief dip. An estimated 89 million Americans engage with podcasts weekly, underlining the medium’s expanding influence. As podcasting captures more ears, its advertising potential has become increasingly evident, reflected in a staggering 115% growth in U.S. ad revenues from 2020 to 2022, as the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) reported.

Programmatic Advertising’s Strategic Edge

Amid this podcasting renaissance, programmatic advertising has emerged as a strategic frontier, offering a unique advantage to marketers. Unlike traditional methods, programmatic advertising allows advertisers to reach audiences at scale, extending beyond individual shows and tapping into diverse podcast networks. This shift aligns with the industry’s growing reliance on audience and demographic data, enabling more sophisticated targeting strategies. According to the IAB report, audience data overlay has nearly doubled from 2022 (38%) to 2023 (77%), emphasising the industry’s commitment to data-driven precision.

Audience-Based Buying: A Game-Changer

The key allure of programmatic advertising lies in its audience-based buying capabilities. Marketers can now target specific audience segments across various podcasts, ensuring their messages resonate with the right demographic. This shift reflects a broader trend towards more nuanced targeting types, a sentiment echoed by publishers who note a substantial increase in clients leveraging audience data for campaign optimisation.

The Brand-Building Paradigm Shift

Podcasting’s evolution is not solely quantitative but also qualitative. Traditionally a haven for direct-to-consumer marketers, the podcast medium is witnessing a paradigm shift as brands recognize its storytelling prowess. As the medium matures, marketers are increasingly leveraging podcasts for brand-building initiatives. The IAB forecasts a substantial 13-point growth in revenue share for brand awareness ads, branded content, and brand mentions combined, from 48% in 2021 to a projected 61% in 2023.


The trajectory of podcasting as a formidable advertising channel is undeniable. With a growing listener base, increased ad revenues, and the strategic integration of programmatic advertising, podcasts are poised for exponential growth in the coming years. As brands shift their focus to audience-based buying and recognise the storytelling potential inherent in podcasts, the future of podcast advertising appears brighter than ever, ushering in a new era of targeted, impactful, and revenue-driven campaigns.