The integration of programmatic audio platform, AdTonos with a cloud-based platform, QuantumCast extends the possibilities of audio advertising for publishers and brands

17 September 2020, London: QuantumCast, the leading audio streaming provider in Germany and AdTonos, run by Radio Net Media which successfully monetises streams of over 200 recognised publishers across the EU, the UK, LATAM and the US, today announced their partnership to extend programmatic audio advertising opportunities for brands and publishers across the German market and, in future, expand together across European markets. 

AdTonos and QuantumCast have implemented a first of its kind technology solution that will grant advertisers access to thousands of radio stations that simultaneously integrate with the end-to-end platform. The audio ads will be played in-stream on radio and will start generating revenue immediately after the radio stations sign up to the AdTonos platform. 

This partnership marks AdTonos’ entry into the German market and allows brands and advertisers using the AdTonos platform to be able to access additional audio and podcast inventory and reach a wider group of listeners. There is no need for additional contracts, formalities, technology integration and the cumbersome process of attracting advertisers. Publishers and advertisers will receive statistics from the campaign on the dashboard of their account, in real-time, and confirmation of all campaign results on a daily basis. 

Michał Marcinik, CEO and Founder of AdTonos commented:

“The partnership with QuantumCast and subsequent entry into the German market is a big step for us. We look forward to connecting the publishers using the QuantumCast platform with brands and advertisers using the AdTonos platform. We are also working hard on an extension of our audio inventory and other hands-on, new technology solutions for advertisers. Our goal was to extend AdTonos’ presence within the German market and I’m very happy that QuantumCast invited AdTonos to the partnership.”

Marko Elsner, CSO and Co-Founder of QuantumCast said of the partnership: 

“We are happy that we can give our publishers new opportunities to monetise their audio streams and grow the business with us. At the same time, we are striving to expand into the international market and, together with AdTonos, we hope to convince customers worldwide of our solution.”