Radiodays 2023, the major radio, podcast and audio world event, was a great opportunity for our team: Michal Marcinik, Lisa Stevenson, Radosła Malec  Paul Cranwelll to have many inspiring conversations and meetings with experts from the audio industry.

Nearly 40 people listened to Pauls Cranwell, VP of Strategic Partnership session on Monday 27th, March: Programmatic advertising. Friend or Foe? Paul shared the knowledge of how broadcasters can have more ad revenues and the facts around programmatic advertising in the radio industry, the good the bad and the ugly. He also talked about improving your ad-fill ratio without expanding the sales team.

The broadcaster’s view was brought through an interview with UK’s Boom Radio’s founder, David Lloyd, for older audiences. David Lloyd thank you for joining us and sharing your thoughts and experience about the programmatic way to monetise the radio streams. We believe that Paul Cranwell’s speech about programmatic advertising also became an inspiration for audio publishers on how to monetise their radio streams. Find out more.

Peter Niegel Manager, Radiodays Europe and Senior Audience Researcher, Danish Broadcasting Corporation together with the Host Partners from the Czech Republic opened the conference and welcome participants.

The program of this year’s RDE was very rich and varied in four tracks. The organisers of the event also proposed additional workshops and sessions e.g: Podcast Design Workshop and Podcast Summit for enthusiastic broadcasters and podcasters, who want to hear about practical ways in which they can develop their podcast proposition. Youth Summit was the next interesting point in the event programme allowing attendees can gather knowledge about young audiences, and content for younger listeners. Nowadays data is much more than measuring success, so Audiodata Summit’s goal was to answer very important questions. As a radio station, podcast or audio company: What do you need to know about data? How can you maximise the impact they have on listeners, branding, and revenue in a data-driven environment? What trends, innovations, new companies and best cases are there to be learned from? And where will the hottest AI developments like ChatCPT etc. lead us?

This year is the 50th anniversary of the birth of commercial radio in the UK remembered James Rea, Director of Broadcasting and Content, Global, UK, in the conversation with John Simons International Radio Consultant. Commercial radio in the UK was officially launched by LBC, the news talk station, followed a week later by Capital. Both stations are owned by Global, the Media & Entertainment Group and UK’s leading commercial radio company which reaches over 26 million listeners every week and has the top three commercial radio brands in Britain – Heart, Capital and Smooth.

Here are the highlights from Radiodays Europe 2023 in Prague:


Attendees could listen to many audio industry experts as well as radio journalists who talked about how media consumption is changing, especially among young people, and what challenges it creates for radio broadcasters. Niall Power presents the top 10 Radio Promotions from around the world. There was a lot going  on around the radio in the car. Is AI the new driver of the connected dashboard? How could radio and audio stay relevant and engaging in an ever-changing environment?

It was said about the future of audio measurement. GFK presented the first numbers from Australia with server-based data being part of the overall gig. Triton Digital gave an international overview and predictions for the future based on its international presence.

Sarah Van Mosel of iHeart Radio and Thierry Mars from EGTA questioned in their conversation: How to make money and feel good as well as exploring the evolution of revenue generation in both radio and podcasting.

A big thank you for the inspiration and conversation to Kevin Branigan, Radio Nova Ireland, Bryan Barletta, Sounds Profitable, and Pete Helmore,, Mike Wagner, StreaMonkey, Dr Florian Novak, Radio Lounge FM, Scott Lockwood,, Christoph Schick and Sandra, Sunshine Live, Ilya Ivanov,, and the Team at RCS.

Radiodays Europe is a major event in the Radio, Podcast and Audio World bringing together over 1,200 visitors from 65 countries over 3 days and bringing ideas, the best innovations, and the latest trends from the radio and audio industry. Radiodays Europe 2024, will be held in Munich from March 17 to 19, 2024.