In a recent article published by MediaLeader on February 27, 2024, Ella Sagar explores the unexpected correlation between Michael Jackson’s iconic song “Thriller” and the realm of audio advertising. The article delves into how Bruce Swedien’s unconventional approach to mixing “Thriller” inspired Michal Marcinik, CEO & Founder of AdTonos, to question the industry’s approach to audio advertising in the digital age.

Audibility Standards Reimagined: Michal Marcinik challenges the conventional audibility standards set by the Media Ratings Council (MRC), advocating for a more nuanced approach that considers the quality of listening experience rather than fixed time thresholds. He emphasizes the need for a percentage-based metric tailored to the diverse landscape of audio devices and formats.

Elevating Audio Quality: AdTonos’ research into popular audio devices led to the development of Amplifier, a revolutionary tool designed to enhance audio ads across various platforms. By analyzing the sound processing capabilities of devices like smart speakers, laptops, and headphones, Amplifier ensures that ads sound optimal regardless of the playback device.

Neuroscience Insights: AdTonos partnered with Neurensics to conduct a neuroscience study investigating the impact of enhanced audio on ad effectiveness. The study utilized MRI scans to measure participants’ neural responses to enhanced and non-enhanced audio ads, revealing a significant positive correlation between enhanced audio and engagement metrics.

Key Findings: The study demonstrated that enhanced audio ads elicited more positive emotions, higher effectiveness, and increased likability compared to non-enhanced ads. This empirical evidence underscores the importance of audio quality in driving audience engagement and advertising success.

Looking Ahead: As the digital advertising landscape continues to evolve, Michal Marcinik and AdTonos remain committed to advancing audibility standards and enhancing the quality of audio advertising. By leveraging insights from neuroscience and innovative technologies like Amplifier, they aim to redefine industry benchmarks and unlock new opportunities for brands to connect with audiences effectively.

Read the full article on MediaLeader to gain deeper insights into the transformative potential of audio advertising and the role of audibility in shaping consumer perceptions and behavior.