The advertising world is echoing with a sonic boom, and the future is resounding with possibilities. At AdTonos, we’re excited to announce that our very own Lisa Stevenson, EMEA Business Development Director, has been invited by DMEXCO to participate in an engaging panel discussion to redefine how we approach audio in the digital age.

Join Us for the Panel Discussion

đź“… Date: 21st September, 2023
đź•’ Time: 4:10 pm

đź“Ť Location: Media Stage

The panel discussion, “Taking Advantage of the Sonic Boom: Seizing the Opportunities of the New Auditory Normal,” is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. It’s your chance to discover what brands must do to harness the full potential of the current audio renaissance.

Meet Our Distinguished Panelists

What truly makes this panel discussion remarkable is the incredible team of experts who will be sharing their insights. Alongside our very own Lisa Stevenson, you’ll have the privilege of hearing from:

  1. Oisin Lunny, Co-founder, Galaxy of OM
  2. Gerrit Dietz, Head of Digital Sales Strategy, RMS
  3. Ric Scheuss, Managing Director, TRO Music

What to Expect

The session promises a deep dive into the world of audio and storytelling. Our panelists will address crucial questions, such as:

  1. Crafting Successful Audio Stories: What is the best way to tell compelling stories through audio? In a world filled with auditory experiences, our experts will share their insights into creating narratives that captivate and resonate with audiences.
  2. Navigating Current Marketing Trends: The marketing landscape is evolving rapidly. Our panelists will discuss the latest trends and developments that are shaping the world of audio advertising. From podcasts to interactive audio experiences, we’ll explore the exciting possibilities.
  3. Maximizing Brand Impact: How can brand managers ensure their brands shine in the auditory realm? Our panelists will delve into strategies for putting brands in the best auditory light, ensuring that they stand out in the ongoing audio revolution.

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Don’t Miss the Sonic Boom!

The audio landscape is evolving at a rapid pace, and this panel discussion is your opportunity to stay ahead of the curve. Whether you’re a marketer, advertiser, or simply someone interested in the dynamic world of audio, our panelists will provide valuable insights that can transform your approach to auditory storytelling.

Stay tuned for more details about this exciting panel discussion, including the date, time, and location. We can’t wait to see you there as we explore the sonic boom and unlock the full potential of audio in the digital age.

Join us in embracing the auditory revolution and seizing the opportunities it brings. It’s time to make your brand heard in the new auditory normal!