We’re pleased to announce that as IAB UK members, team AdTonos were given the opportunity to contribute to The Drum’s Deep Dive into Gaming Advertising. Our very own Paul Cranwell, VP of Strategic Partnerships, provided his take on the potential of in-game audio ads and the range of benefits they promise brands.

AdTonos’ Insights 

On the question of how advertisers can effectively leverage in-game audio to get the attention of gamers, Paul Cranwell had this to say: 

Audio is having a revolution and none more so than in mobile gaming. For marketers in particular, it opens the door to new audiences and is great at reaching difficult audiences like Gen Z, Millennials and the over 50s. App Annie has forecast that 3.2 billion people will be playing mobile games globally by 2023, and we are expecting explosive audio ad growth to continue over the next two years as more and more publishers integrate audio alongside video.

Audio ads are delivering high response levels – adding to the users’ experience and not interrupting game play. For years, radio has been the dominant audio player, but gaming will start to challenge that position and attract new advertiser brands. Gaming accelerates audio’s credible brand-safe strengths and reputation and helps position it as the perfect alternative and complement to video.

NumberEights’ Insights

We’re also delighted that Emma Raz, Director of Commercial at NumberEight (with whom we are in partnership) contributed her insights: 

What makes audio-in-game so exciting is that it combines two distinctly unique content types both known for high session lengths (15-23 minutes per user). Games have traditionally struggled to strike a balance between showing enough ads for effective monetization while not alienating players. Audio ads present a unique opportunity to add more ad placements without disrupting the actual gameplay.

As with any exciting innovation, some challenges lie ahead. For example, audio advertisers have traditionally been targeting users based on personas or capabilities such as day part targeting to reach users in contextually relevant moments. However, game developers often don’t collect such granular data. Privacy-first, contextual intelligence can help audio advertisers better understand who is playing games. The latest research by NumberEight on three mobile games showed that there were 36% desk jobbers, 35% interrupted workers, 26% vehicle users, 21% homebodies and 20% night owls.

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About Paul Cranwell

Paul Cranwell is a highly experienced specialist in audio, partnerships and business development, with a career spanning 30 years. Paul has led some of the biggest companies in the media industry to massive growth. He was Managing Director at Radio Works / Maple Street Studios, Director for The Specialist Works, and other leading UK radio stations in Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham and London. Paul’s relationship development experience is both global and UK based, focusing on sales development, marketing and operations. He also has extensive experience in digital enterprise, media, outdoor audio, advertising, tech, commercial radio, agencies and e-commerce. 

Currently, as VP of Strategic Partnerships, Paul drives AdTonos’ growth internationally through securing key partnerships across North America and Europe.