In the dynamic world of advertising, understanding what truly drives the effectiveness of your campaigns is paramount. The “Listen Up” study, led by Andrew Tindall in collaboration with System1 and Radiocentre, delves deep into the heart of radio advertising. In our previous article, we shared three key takeaways that shed light on the power of radio ads. Today, we’re back with more exciting insights to supercharge your advertising strategy.

Key Takeaway #4

High-Fluency Radio Ads = Double Trust Effects!


Radio has long been recognised as a trusted medium for brand building. But what if we told you that it can do even more? The study reveals that well-branded, fluent radio ads boost trust-building effects. They can deliver twice the trust impact. It’s a game-changing discovery for marketers looking to strengthen consumer trust and brand credibility. With audio ads, you can take trust-building to a whole new level.


Key Takeaway #5

Attention-Grabbing Ads

Creating ads that capture and retain your audience’s attention is crucial. The study shows a remarkable correlation (R=+0.42) between advertising awareness change and spike rating. What does this mean? It means that optimized audio ads excel at grabbing attention and creating lasting memories. This, in turn, leads to enhanced short-term effects. If you want your ads to make a real impact and stay in your audience’s minds, it’s time to focus on crafting attention-grabbing content.


Key Takeaway #6

20 Left- and Right-Brain Audio Creative Features Identified!

To foster enduring brand effects, it’s essential to explore the full spectrum of creativity. The study identifies stunning 20 left- and right-brain audio creative features that can transform your advertising.

Traditionally, the concept of left- and right-brain thinking has been associated with TV advertising. However, this study marks the first time it has been applied to audio ads. Left-brain features like data and technical language may attract less attention and evoke fewer positive emotions, making them suitable for message-driven, short-term-focused radio ads. Conversely, right-brain features have the potential to capture broader attention and evoke stronger positive emotions, making them ideal for fostering long-term brand effects.

Right-brain-enriched audio ads hold the secret to creating a lasting brand impression. By tapping into these creative features, you can ensure your brand remains etched in the minds of your audience long after they’ve heard your ad.

If you’re eager to launch an effective audio advertising campaign that leverages these key takeaways, our experts are just a click away. Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance trust, grab attention, and create lasting brand effects. Connect with us today, and let’s make your audio ads remarkable.

Download the full version of  “Listen Up” study for more insights.