The landscape of podcast consumption is evolving, and as we step into 2024, it’s worth examining global trends. New podcast listener statistics from YouGov have delved into 47 international markets to reveal where people regularly tune into podcasts. Among the surveyed consumers, 40% report listening to podcasts for more than an hour per week, with 10% dedicating over 10 hours to podcast consumption.

In the Asia-Pacific region, podcast listenership is thriving, with markets such as Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, and the Philippines boasting above-average proportions of regular podcast listeners. Notably, Indonesia leads the region at 57%, while Japan stands out with only 10% of consumers devoting an hour or more to podcasts weekly.


Regarding Europe, Romania takes the lead, with 47% of consumers being avid podcast listeners, followed closely by Spain and Sweden. Conversely, countries like Belgium and the Netherlands exhibit smaller shares of regular podcast listeners, with Great Britain falling below the average rate.

Looking at Latin America, nearly half of Mexicans (48%) and 44% of Brazilians are regular podcast consumers, while in the Middle East and Africa, South Africa and Saudi Arabia stand out with high proportions of regular podcast listeners.


In North America, while Americans listen at an average rate of 39%, only 31% of Canadians engage with podcasts for more than one hour per week. This implies that podcasting has achieved uneven penetration across different markets, showcasing its global influence and growth potential.

These statistics provide valuable insights into the current landscape of podcast consumption and highlight the varied adoption rates across different regions. As we dive deeper into the data, we understand where podcasting holds the most sway and where there is untapped growth potential.

YouGov Global Profiles, which forms the basis of this data, presents a globally consistent audience dataset gathered from over 47 markets, providing a comprehensive view of consumer behaviours. With the minimum sample size of c.1000, the data represents a nationally representative sample across various markets. To go deeper into the nuances of global podcast consumption, you can learn more about Global Profiles and the methodology behind these insights.

Source: YouGove Blog.