Are audio programmatic advertising and podcasts everything we can expect on the audio market? What technological innovations await us, and how can the audience and brands take advantage of them?

Over time, audio has undergone a tremendous transformation from the natural era of drum communication to the time of acoustics that began to apply technology to the transmission and spread of sound. Old inventions such as microphones, telephones, and phonographs, created by world-famous inventors like Mr Hughes, Mr Bell, or Mr Edison, today, are perceived as a bit old-fashioned. Then, the electric era entered the audio scene. Audio technology became electrified for use in radio broadcast, motion pictures, and finally, for amplified guitars. Another breakthrough was the invention of the magnetic tape, which initiated the magnetic era, the so-called by the authors of the report. During this time, we happily started using the Walkman. The invention of Dolby and the graphic equaliser allowed users to choose their sound quality. Now we have the digital era when sound moves from analogue to digital. Music can be stored, distributed effectively, and widely, and sound can be tracked, analysed, and targeted. What will be the next era of audio and sound?

We strongly recommend the brilliant summary in OMG’s Omnicom UK report “Audio Futures”. What does it mean to enter a world of advanced audio, aural augmentation, and synthesised sound? AdTonos, a player in the space of interactive voice experience, have been mentioned in the report.

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