DMEXCO 2023, the prestigious digital marketing event, proved to be an exhilarating showcase of the transformative power of digital audio advertising. Amidst the bustling halls and enlightening discussions, AdTonos emerged as a leading force, paving the way for the future of audio advertising.

The Essence of DMEXCO

The event known for its ability to unite industry experts, thought leaders, and innovative companies, provided the perfect stage for AdTonos to shine. With the event’s overarching theme, Empowering Digital Creativity, echoing throughout, it became evident that our team was in the right place at the right time.

Day 1

The Dmexco 2023 universe, a treasure trove of insights, trends, and inspiring minds, kicked off with a bang! Our team was excitedly buzzing from the early hours, eagerly anticipating two fantastic tours: one with Acast and their esteemed guests from GroupM, who visited the our stand in Hall 8.


Dozens of eager ears tuned in to William McGowan-Scanlon, Automation Manager, International at Acast, who shared captivating insights about the ever-evolving audio landscape and the immense potential of podcast advertising.

Did you know there was a remarkable 53% increase in podcast listeners from 2020 to 2022 in Europe? Even more astonishing, 64% of individuals aged 13-39 in Western Europe are avid podcast listeners!

William also shed light on Acast’s collaboration with Xaxis, showcasing impactful case studies that left our audience in awe.

Later in the session, Michal Marcinik, CEO and Founder of AdTonos introduced our digital audio platform and revolutionary Twilight technology – an AI-based marvel for context and emotions detection, tailor-made for targeted podcast ads.

Michal unveiled the magic behind how Twilight analyses podcast content and curates a handpicked selection of the most compatible podcasts from Acast for advertisers. It’s where science meets art, and audio advertising and content creativity flourish.

Day 2

The event’s second day was also very f intense for our team. AdTonos managed the session: ‘The Sound Advantage of Digital Audio Advertising’ on September 21st at Media Stage.

Together with excellent speakers Julia Rast, Senior Director, Global Solutions & Innovation at Xaxis and Michael Bayston, VP AdTech Solutions at Acast, our own Goody JR Egbuji, VP of Sales, led an exciting journey through the expansive world of digital audio advertising.

The data presentation and discussion of the development of programmatic audio based on the latest IAB and Xaxis report was eye-opening. Our experts perspectives on the essential aspects of audio advertising were truly enlightening.

After our session, Goody Egbuji, VP of Sales, jumped in the next session along with Gerrit Dietz, RMS, Ric Scheuss, TRO – Music, Sound, and Voice for Brands, Oisin Lunny, Galaxy of OM, discussing the opportunities that audio brings to advertisers.

Audio is all around us and should be an essential part of the media mix, strengthening other media channels. Audio identity, which goes beyond just a sound logo, brings trust to brands, and they should consistently produce audio content to tell their stories. Audio reflects a brand’s specific characteristics, with far more parameters than just mood that its audio assets provide. And the most important audio-related advice for advertisers from Goody: “Spend more!”

DMEXCO 2023 was a testament to the growing importance of digital audio advertising, and AdTonos is leading the way toward an exciting future in this dynamic industry. Stay tuned for more innovations and insights as we continue to revolutionise the world of audio advertising!