The Dmexco 2023 event, a treasure trove of insights, trends, and inspiring minds, kicked off with a resounding theme: #EmpoweringDigitalCreativity. Day one witnessed a dynamic array of discussions and keynotes, all centred around the convergence of technology, data, and creativity.

The Science and Art of Marketing

In her captivating keynote, “A new era of creativity,” Aude Gandon, Global CMO at Nestlé, eloquently emphasised the evolving landscape of creativity in the digital age. She noted that marketing, at its core, is a fusion of science and art. While new digital tools and data provide the science, the art lies in creativity. Gandon emphasised the need to combine proven marketing fundamentals with these new tools to foster a new kind of creativity. It’s about harnessing technology to enhance the creative process, a sentiment that resonates with AdTonos’ mission.


Mindset and Authenticity in the Digital Era

Sarah Mooslechner from The&Partnership Germany highlighted the importance of mindset and authenticity in today’s digital landscape. She highlighted how digital natives are adept at discerning “empty talk” and urged companies to practice what they preach.

Mooslechner stressed that it’s not enough for companies to do things right; they must also focus on doing the right things. In essence, the impact of actions matters more than the actions themselves.

The Advertising Industry in 2023

The Agency Stage hosted a high-profile panel discussion titled “Caught between crisis and a fresh start: How are things in the advertising industry in 2023?” Led by moderator Verena Gründel (W&V, Werben & Verkaufen), industry experts shared their thoughts and experiences.

Anke Herbener called for more self-confidence within digital agencies, highlighting their vital role in the advertising ecosystem. She emphasised the importance of communicating this role clearly to various stakeholders, including clients.

Herbener also addressed the issue of offering free services, underscoring that agencies invest upfront, including in professional training for staff. As such, their pricing should reflect these investments.

AI as the Ultimate Creative Optimizer

Mascha Driessen and Saurabh Tiwary from Microsoft Advertising delved into the transformative power of AI in advertising. They asserted that AI is the defining technology of our time and a potent force for optimising creative advertising.

“With AI, we no longer have to know how to do everything. We ask the computer, and it tells us how to do it. AI is the ultimate multiplier of skills,” remarked Driessen.

This perspective aligns with AdTonos commitment to leveraging AI and technology to amplify the impact of audio advertising.

Insights from Industry Leaders

The Agency Stage hosted a panel discussion titled “Caught between crisis and a fresh start: How are things in the advertising industry in 2023?” Led by Verena Gründel (W&V, Werben & Verkaufen), industry experts shared their thoughts and experiences. Anke Herbener called for more self-confidence within digital agencies, emphasising their pivotal role and the need to communicate it clearly to clients. She also addressed the importance of pricing reflecting the upfront investments agencies make.

Unlocking the Potential of Digital Audio Advertising

The digital advertising world converged at DMEXCO 2023, and one of the key themes that resonated throughout the event was the transformative power of digital audio advertising. As companies and industry experts gathered to explore the future of advertising, it became clear that digital audio is no longer just an emerging trend but a powerhouse in its own right.

AdTonos played a significant role in the #dmexco2023 event, where the theme of creativity and technology converged. Our mission is to blend technology and innovation to shape the future of digital audio advertising, and DMEXCO provided the perfect platform for this vision.

Our participation began with two exciting tours: one with Acast and their distinguished guests from Xaxis, who visited the AdTonos stand at D022, Hall 8. During these tours, William McGowan-Scanlon from Acast shared captivating insights into the evolving audio landscape and the immense potential of podcast advertising.

The numbers are compelling: Europe witnessed a remarkable 53% increase in podcast listeners from 2020 to 2022. Even more astonishing, 64% of individuals aged 13-39 in Western Europe are avid podcast listeners. William also showcased impactful case studies, demonstrating the effectiveness of podcast advertising.

Michal Marcinik, our won CEO & Founder took the stage to introduce AdTonos and our revolutionary Twilight technology—an AI-based marvel for context and emotions detection, tailored for targeted podcast ads. Twilight’s ability to analyze podcast content and curate a selection of the most compatible podcasts from Acast for advertisers is where science meets art.

Bridging Science and Art

As we continue to bridge the gap between science and art in digital audio advertising, we make strides in the ever-evolving world of creativity and technology. DMEXCO 2023 reinforced the notion that digital audio advertising is no longer an option but a necessity for brands and advertisers looking to engage their audiences effectively.

The event showcased the power of storytelling, the influence of AI, and the importance of authenticity. Digital audio advertising has become a dynamic force that combines the science of data with the art of creativity, resulting in engaging and impactful campaigns.

As we look ahead, it’s clear that the future of advertising will be shaped by the harmonious blend of technology and creativity, and digital audio advertising will continue to play a pivotal role in this transformation.

DMEXCO 2023 provided a glimpse into the exciting potential of digital audio advertising, where brands and advertisers have the opportunity to unlock the full spectrum of creativity and engage their audiences like never before. The future is indeed resounding with possibilities in the world of digital audio advertising.