The AdTonos Stand was well received at The Podcast Show London on 25 – 26th May. We loved seeing so many people stopping to take selfies with our stand’s visuals. 

We were pleased that our new image caught the attention of so many attendees, many of whom also stopped to share their insights and enquire further about monetization strategies. The value, of course, was meeting and greeting such a great range of new and interesting people in this fast growing industry. 

The show was in a good location and well run. Thank you to the event organisers and a special thank you to Alex Booth and Minty Rickcord from their team who made for a great experience on our side. 

It’s hard to summarise the fantastic time we had, but here are some of our highlights: 

Amazing People We Met

… and many more!

Interviewing with The Podcast Radio

Our very own VP of Strategic Partnerships, Paul Cranwell, was interviewed by the amazing Podcast Radio team whilst at the event. During the interview, Paul spoke about two core subjects: the need for specific audio creativity for  podcasts, and also our new podcast content/ sentiment engine tool that is soon to be launched to market. Paul emphasised the importance of having different, podcast-specific content and ads instead of simply repurposing radio ads for podcasts, as well as having programmatic inserted ads versus simple baked-in or presenter-read adverts for increased monetisation potential and audience engagement. We are excited to have announced a new content and sentiment engine called Twilight which will soon go to market. This solution helps advertisers on podcasts to guarantee a brand safe environment that goes a stage further than existing content/ context engines. 

Paul’s Reflections on the Event

When asked what he liked about the show, Paul responded that “it had a balanced mix of content producers, production companies, content providers, media companies and tech companies. A good mix meant that it didn’t matter where you sat in the podcast chain, there was something in there for everyone.. The Podcast Show did a brilliant job of encompassing everyone in the Podcast industry, so on behalf of AdTonos, I want to applaud the great mix they made possible.”

He noted that the food and drink provisions were good, and the team were impressed by the use of compostable and recyclable catering supplies. The quality of speeches were excellent, so it’s a shame we weren’t able to attend all sessions in person!

Paul on the current state of Podcasting

Commenting on the current state of the podcast space, Paul stated that “With Spotify and YouTube dominating people’s search for podcasts in the US, it will be interesting to see how the other players in the market will rise to the challenge to increase their awareness and accessibility. The key is to increase distribution to make sure more people have access to the content and tools they need to thrive. Companies like AdTonos can assist on the commercial side because we increase access to more advertisers and help with sales, but we’re not distributors of content. We sit in the commercial part of the journey, but it’s good to see that everyone in the value chain is collaborating towards the greater good of audio and podcast.”

“We represent the commercial aspect of podcasting, but the beauty of audio is that we are much more interconnected than many other segments of digital marketing.” – Paul Cranwell, VP of Strategic Partnerships, AdTonos.

Paul further added: “ I go to a lot of these shows, and find that sometimes they can be biased, but this event had a really good mix of industry representatives and creators, all joined together in an exciting space; I am very much looking forward to attending next year.”

A team that has fun together sticks together and we really enjoyed our time during the event, so much so we’ve already booked our stand for next year! The rest of the AdTonos team echo Paul’s sentiment, and look forward to seeing you all again next year at The Podcast Show London 2023.