On the evening of Thursday 26th May, AdTonos successfully hosted its May ‘AudioSushi’ event at The York in Islington after the Podcast Show. ‘AudioSushi’ offers an exclusive space where marketers, advertisers and agencies can come together and explore the fast-growing opportunities of the modern audio environment.

The event was led by AdTonos CEO and Founder, Michal Marcinik; CMO and Co-Founder, Katarzyna Bargielska (Kasia) and VP of Strategic Partnerships, Paul Cranwell. AdTonos invited Adtech industry professionals to this exclusive in-person event and the next instalments of our ‘AudioSushi’ series will be held throughout the UK and US as a forum of discussion with industry experts about Digital Audio. 

This week, the networking event was attended by almost 30 market leaders in the digital audio industry, representing companies like NumberEight, Veritonic, Triton Digital, Sirocco Mobile, Acast, BBC Pop Hub, Sounds Profitable, Sonnant, Sound Stack, DAX, Podcast Radio, GingerMay and more.

After a brilliant two days at The Podcast Show, AudioSushi was a great way to close the show and have a relaxing evening of networking, drinks, and great conversation. The entire AdTonos team are thrilled that so many people joined us.

Katarzyna Bargielska CMO and Co-Founder of AdTonos had this to say about the event:

“It was a very special and wonderful evening, especially since I finally had the opportunity to meet some of our marketing team, and many of our business partners for the first time in person. It was so lovely to meet them all. 

Many of our guests participated in the Podcast Show, so we exchanged our thoughts on the future of audio ads in podcasts, new tech and how the audio landscape changes constantly. Everyone shared great insights, all this while having fun, and enjoying the great company.

Thank you all of AdTonos’ guests for coming and I can’t wait to see you soon at the next Audiosushi event in July.” 

From catching up with old colleagues, business partners and friends, discussing sustainability initiatives and recent success stories, to creating new partnership opportunities, AudioSushi provides a platform that provides marketers with valuable insights into today’s rich audio landscape. Together, attendees can explore how developing formats can be effectively harnessed, including leveraging the power of real-time, interactive ads via smart speakers. To find out more about AdTonos’ platforms and solutions, click here.