On the evening of Wednesday 24th May, AdTonos hosted once again its AudioSushi event at The York in Islington after the Podcast Show. It has already become a tradition that we meet with colleagues from the podcast industry after the first day of TPS to exchange experiences and have fun while doing it

There is a place where marketers, advertisers and agencies can come together and explore the fast-growing opportunities of the modern audio and podcast environment. AudioSushi was led by AdTonos CEO and Founder, Michal Marcinik; VP of Strategic Partnerships, Paul Cranwell. Lisa Stevenson Business Development Director and Alex Faust, Board Advisor.

AdTonos invited Adtech industry professionals to this exclusive in-person event as a forum for discussion with industry experts about the digital audio and podcast industry. We were very curious about what experts say about our Twilight product, which we made a sneak peak preview during the „Ask the Experts” session on The Podcast Show. It looks that our new solution for contextual podcast advertising with emotions&sentiment measurement which will provide truly brand-suitable and safe environments received a price! Some of our guests say that the emotions and sentiment part is something interesting and brings new value to the market. What we all at AdTonos are excited about.

The networking event was attended by over 30 market leaders in the digital audio industry, representing companies like Acast, Spreaker, Global, Triton Digital, Veritronic, BBC, Soundstack, Podcast Radio Network, Radio Experts, Grapeseed Media, Audiopro, Podder, Evergreen, FrequencyAds, Haymarket and more.

After a brilliant first day at The Podcast Show, AudioSushi was a great way to have a relaxing evening of networking, drinks, and great conversation. The entire AdTonos team are thrilled that so many people joined us.

Lisa Stevenson, Business Development Director at AdTonos had this to say about the event:

„So great to extend our networking into the early evening and what a great bunch of people! Wonderful to meet Elisa from audioemotion (Spain) and Boris from Three Spring (Israel) who we met for the first time. And of course our colleagues from, Acast, Global, Radio Experts, Grapeseed Media, Audiopro, Podder and Evergreen.”

From catching up with old colleagues, business partners and friends, discussing sustainability initiatives and recent success stories, to creating new partnership opportunities, AudioSushi provides a platform for marketers and publishers with valuable insights into today’s rich audio landscape. To find out more about AdTonos’ platforms and solutions, click here.