London’s Podcast Show 2023 proved a pivotal event for the podcasting world. Amidst the buzz of innovation and creativity, AdTonos emerged as a prominent presence, making waves in the industry. Here’s a closer look at AdTonos’ remarkable showing at Podcast Show 2023.

Innovative Solutions for Podcast Advertising: AdTonos, a leading player in the digital audio advertising realm, took two panels on stage at Podcast Show 2023. The company showcased innovative solutions at Twilight, tailored to the podcasting landscape, reaffirming its commitment to enhancing the podcast advertising experience. Twilight is a smart, AI-based technology for context & emotions detection and targeted ads in podcasts, empowering publishers and advertisers.

Precision Targeting in Podcasts: AdTonos’ booth at the event highlighted its ability to bring precision targeting to podcast advertising. Leveraging sophisticated algorithms and data-driven insights, the company, thanks to Twilight, allows advertisers to reach their desired audiences with pinpoint accuracy and in a brand-safe advertising environment. This level of precision ensures that podcast ads are relevant and resonate deeply with listeners.

During the first day of The Podcast Show AdTonos team was very busy, especially our very own Paul Cranwell, who started the day as a panellist at the Spreaker session on the Brand Works stage and next jumped to our session Ask The Experts along with Rebecca Dalby, and Sharon Taylor hosted by Bryan Barletta. That was a great discussion!


Big thank you to all our speakers, and especially to brilliant ladies: Sharon Taylor and Rebecca Dalby.

The second day was as fruitful as the first one. Especially the next Ask the Experts session hosted by amazing Bryan Barletta along with Paul Cranwell, Roger Cutsforth and Matt Hopper who discussed the advantages of contextual targeting for advertisers.

There was also a lot going on at our stand. Many meetings and conversations with colleagues and friends from the digital audio and podcasting industry were tremendous and inspiring.


Thought Leadership: Beyond its product showcase, AdTonos contributed to insightful discussions and panel sessions during Podcast Show 2023. The company’s experts shared their vision for the future of podcast advertising, emphasising the importance of relevance, engagement, and user experience.


AdTonos significantly impacted Podcast Show 2023 in London, reaffirming its position as a leading force in the podcast advertising space. With its innovative solutions, precision targeting, seamless integration, personalisation capabilities, ad-blocker resilience, and data-driven insights, AdTonos is poised to shape the future of podcast advertising. As podcasting continues to gain momentum as a marketing channel, AdTonos is at the forefront, providing brands with the tools they need to connect with their audiences in a meaningful and impactful way.