We’re ecstatic to announce that our AdTonos platform has grown tenfold over the past year, marking an important milestone for AdTonos! In 2022 so far, we’ve expanded to a team of 25 people across the UK, the US, and Poland, we have opened our first US office in the World Trade Center in New York, and are in the process of expanding in Germany. In the UK, we are building so many powerful, impactful partnerships, such as with Triton Digital and NumberEight. Excitingly, audio’s role in digital marketing is growing worldwide, and this means we’ve seen massive boosts in our revenue and profits.

The Ever-Growing AdTonos Team

AdTonos’ Reach in 2022

We can now reach 272 Million Unique Listeners worldwide through our platform, and can serve over 5 Billion audio ads in different audio formats on mobile gaming, podcast and audiobook, music and radio streaming channels. Understandably, to say that we are very proud of our amazing team for making this all happen is an understatement. Thank you to our Marketing, R&D, Board and Sales teams across the UK, US and Poland! A massive thank you also to our fantastic Graphic Designers, Animators and Game Developers, as well as our PR team at GingerMay for their hard work and dedication over the years. It would be remiss of us to forget everyone else; we can’t thank our partners, investors, clients, supporters and stakeholders enough for the faith they’ve placed in us, for believing in our products and being part of our ongoing successes!

A Thank You To All of Our Supporters

Last month, we were privileged and humbled to have so many people attend our latest AudioSushi event, many of whom were involved in the historic growth of the company. It was amazing for AdTonos – old and new – to spend time with you all in a great venue; let’s celebrate this milestone as our collective success.

Here’s to another year filled with growth and even bigger successes and milestones to come! 

Be a Part of Our Future Successes

Want to be part of the AdTonos story? You can find more information on our product range and book a demo here, or keep up to date with company news on our blog page here. To join the AdTonos team, you can find out more about our open roles and apply here.