London, UK, 11 February 2021 – Programmatic audio advertising platform, AdTonos has announced the launch of “Audio Sushi” – a new virtual event series featuring contributions from leaders across the digital media space, open to all and kicking off at 11 am GMT on 18th February 2021. 

As in-person events continue to remain off-limits, “Audio Sushi” offers an online alternative where marketers, advertisers and agencies can come together and explore the fast-growing opportunities of the modern audio environment. 

The first session, “Programmatic Audio is the New Video” will serve up valuable insights into today’s rich audio landscape and explore how developing formats can be effectively harnessed; including leveraging the power of real-time, interactive ads via smart speakers.  Insights will be shared by:

  • Simon Thomas, Head of Client Strategy, Omnicom 
  • Anna-Lena Mikoteit, Audio’s Product Strategy Lead, Octave
  • Charlie Brookes, Director of Revenue, Bauer Media
  • Emir Teffaha, Managing Director, Sublime and Board Advisor to AdTonos 
  • Michal Marcinik, CEO and Founder, AdTonos 

Attendees in the Greater London area will also be able to enjoy a complimentary Sushi delivery via Uber Eats, subject to availability. 

Michal Marcinik, CEO of AdTonos explains:

“Before the pandemic, our ideal suggestion would be meeting up over sushi in a nice London restaurant. While such events are still off the menu, we hope “Audio Sushi” will be the next best thing for industry professionals looking to collaborate and gain unique insights. Audio is undergoing rapid evolution, especially in the wake of increased digital listening over the past year. For those operating on both the buy and sell-side, tapping increasingly popular audio channels and automated trading tools will be critical to optimising their online media success in 2021, and beyond.”

To find out more, sign up here.