Caterina Buslowska, who is responsible for AdTonos development in Italy took part in one of the finest tech gigs in Milan and this is what she has noticed.

Three days of technological full immersion. How technology and network interfere with our everyday life and what’s next to come. We’ve started with a morning panel and speech ‘Cloud of innovation’ organized in collaboration with our partner, IBM.

Artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things, quantum computing; how do you exploit them and what changes it brings to the table, including the job market. Through the day we’ve got an extra dose of examples of how Italian companies try to keep up and use to good advantage new technologies. Barilla and it’s blockchain (experiment launched with IBM Italia) in tracing the production chain; from cultivation to delivery. La Rinascente (branch of high-end stores with Italian and international brands) and its use of Cloud.



‘Transformation is the soul of retail. The change is pushed by the customer. Our need is to continue to understand what the customer really wants. Knowing the customer means today not only reading the behaviour but communicating; being able to understand what will affect the customer in the future.’ – explains Paolo Ciceri (CIO Rinascente).

Big data is another subject on which emphasis was placed. As the contamination changed consumers behaviour and their purchasing paths, it gave new channels to interact with the client and new horizons in terms of identifying targets. The case of a communication agency brought by Aldo Agostinelli (CDO Sky Italia) and Luca Vergani (CEO Wavemaker) shows how data-driven marketing can put your revenue “up in the sky”.

“From the analysis of data and information, we have changed the way we create videos for social platforms and even in the Sky. In 1,5 years we’ve had the starred results on all of the channels” – says Luca Vergani.

Guided by content, managing content in a relevant way, trusting data – this is what emerged through the panel finished with a little “extra” for the palate, a “perfect recipe” created by chef Tomasso Arrigoni and A.I. system Watson of IBM. AI implementation is used as an ally that accompanies people in every action, ensuring the best performance. Know how to control it and not make one step too far is the challenge. One thing is sure, the future we imagine to come is right on the corner and it brings an enormous amount of potential together with responsibility. There is no need to hide; keep your hands firm on a steering wheel and enjoy the ride.