„Digital audio has benefited from the UK lockdowns. Even with the reduced commuting time likely eating into mobile audio listening, UK listeners still tuned in to digital audio elsewhere and will continue doing so.”, predict the authors in INSIDER INTELLIGENCE and eMarketer report: UK Digital Users 2021.

They compared pre-and post-pandemic user forecasts for four categories of digital users: digital video viewers, digital audio listeners, digital gamers, social network users. „Even so,  it’s clear that the digital audio listener’s category will grow strongly in the coming years.”,  continue the authors.


“Radio networks began implementing their digitalization strategies long before 2020, which meant that many were primed for online listener acquisition when the pandemic hit,” said Michal Marcinik, Founder and CEO of our audio advertising platform AdTonos.

“Podcasts followed suit, offering a wealth of information in addition to the entertainment value listeners get from music streaming. There’s been a direct correlation between podcasts increasing their content output, in response to popular demand, and improved subscriber loyalty. As a result, brands like Spotify are investing heavily.”

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