Digital audio advertising platform and one of the fastest-growing companies in the audio advertising industry, AdTonos appoints Agata Hirche as VP of Product Development. 

AdTonos, run by Radio Net Media which successfully monetises podcasts, audiobooks, music, and radio streams for over 200 recognised publishers across the UK, EU, LATAM, and the US, has appointed Agata Hirche as VP of product to develop the global programmatic platform, focusing on audio media buying, and cross-device targeting

Agata’s previous key business focuses have included technical vetting and matching, on target with financial, and market technology growth potential. Agata was recently featured in a blog post by Exchangewire, which details her 10+ years of global experience in digital media, where she successfully launched and oversaw a number of innovative solutions including both technology platforms and data offerings. 

Agata’s Role at AdTonos

She will strengthen AdTonos’ product vision and capabilities so the company can meet the increasing demand for effective, measurable tools within digital audio advertising and will develop solutions to support consumer outreach via programmatic audio. Her appointment will also help support the company’s expansion with AdTonos’ audience growing five-fold in 2021, achieving over +3 billion playouts and +272 million unique listeners.

Commenting on her appointment, CEO and Founder of AdTonos, Michal Marcinik stated: “I am extremely delighted to have Agata join our team. From the beginning of the project, our team has created and developed cutting-edge innovations. We deliver state-of-the-art tools in the audio advertisement space, such as our first-of-its-kind audio interactive ads technology, YoursTruly. Our ambition is to create more and more innovations in the digital audio ad space. I strongly believe that, thanks to Agata’s knowledge and experience, we will open up unprecedented opportunities for both advertisers and audio publishers. Our ideas for audio tools will be enhanced and launched on the market even more efficiently, and they will contribute to the development of our company and the entire industry.” 

Read Exchangewire’s blog to find out more about Agata Hirche’s achievements and experience here.