Following the IAB Podcast Upfront conducted last week, in which it was revealed that marketers are adapting to fragmentation issues within audio by adopting contextual targeting solutions, ExchangeWire speaks to industry professionals for their take on how advertisers can leverage programmatic opportunities within this rapidly-growing channel. Michal Marcinik, our CEO and founder commented:

Performance data key

“Audio can now offer quite the same performance analytics as display or video. I think small to mid ad spenders can profit from programmatic audio most, as with a fraction of the budget they would spend on the radio can reach a perfectly targeted audience and even measure the performance.

I think the most important thing is the audience data. I would encourage advertisers to work with platforms that have direct relationships with publishers, so they tap on first-party data used for targeting. Most of the DSPs use third-party data coming from different sources so may not be that accurate.”


Tilly Sheppard, product manager, Xaxis added: Audio is uniquely placed among advertising channels because its screen-less format means marketers can reach consumers while they are doing something else – whether that’s driving, exercising, or doing housework. Another key benefit is its strong one-to-one component. Podcast listeners, for example, often listen in while simply relaxing alone, which allows for marketers to engage them while they are in a calm and highly attentive state. Programmatic technology means we can access a greater range of, and more precise targeting options, more flexibility and additional reporting capabilities to existing audio benefits.”