Digital audio has become vital this year during the pandemic — used to inform, entertain, engage, and connect us. More and more people increasingly using technological devices to access audio, digital audio consumption has increased dramatically over the past few years. IAB UK in cooperation with Bauer Media UK, A Millon Ads and AdTonos has published a guide for SMBs that want to advertise with digital audio: „IAB UK POWERING UP: Helping UK SMEs unlock the value of digital advertising.”

The authors of the “guide to Digital Audio advertising for small businesses” provide the added benefit of digital distribution, giving SMEs access to more and new audiences at scale. As audio ads are fast and agile to produce, it’s the perfect medium for a small business to deliver value. It allows more precise targeting and personalisation, utilising information such as location to make communications more effective.

The authors of the report concluded:

“Digital audio can help with multiple marketing objectives throughout the marketing funnel, from increasing brand awareness to driving purchases and increasing sales. For SMEs, especially in the current climate, campaigns need to be impactful, effective and show return on investment. Research shows that adding digital audio to traditional broadcast campaigns drives awareness, brand perception, consideration, consumer intent and sales.”

Download the guide and learn more.