We live in the age of the connected consumer – which means consumers today expect streamlined, consistent brand and buying experiences across online and offline channels. Digital audio is seen as an increasingly important element of this puzzle, with highly targeted programmatic audio ads helping create that experience for the consumer.

Studies show that there’s an increasing focus on new programmatic channels like connected TV, digital out-of-home advertising, and digital audio. According to WideOrbit, we’re likely to see three times as many companies buy a radio and digital audio ads using programmatic technology. Connecting programmatic with traditional media is predicted to be a beneficial approach especially for brands that have an online/offline buying cycle happening across channels and devices, with different content types used in the process.

The programmatisation of traditional channels seems like the natural next step in providing the consumer with a truly 360-degree experience, helping deliver the right content at the right stage of the buying cycle. What brands should keep in mind, though, is to start with building a consumer-first strategy, because it’s them who are driving these changes in today’s market.