It was a truly exciting experience – illuminating in so many ways. We are sincerely grateful for the opportunity to speak our minds during this event. Michał Marcinik, founder and CEO of AdTonos, spoke on behalf of our company.

During the webinar, every participant had the opportunity to deepen their understanding of audio advertising in the following areas.

At the beginning of the Creative Workshop, we were given some insights on building a truly successful partnership presented on the example of partnership between Bauer (Absolute Radio and KISS) and Wickes. They’ve been collaborating on so many different (even ridiculous at times) initiatives for 10 years. What we heard was really precious. We learned that the cornerstone of such great cooperation is trust – and it’s being built through the years of shared experience. 

The second in the row was the speech held by Abhishek Sen, NumberEight CEO and Co-Founder, Sam Crowther A Million Ads ECD, Anna-Lena Mikoteit, Octave Product and Strategy Lead and Michał Marcinik, AdTonos CEO and Founder. Here we learned about upgrading audio monetisation by user-centric innovation. And this presentation was absolutely amazing. Lecturers shared their wisdom about building the most effective audio creatives. We want to share with you some of the thoughts presented during their conversation:

Michal: “Millennials are consuming more audio than any other generation before. And the audio puts listener experience first – we’ve learned it from the history of what Netflix did to TV. For a long time, it was a one-way medium. Now it’s possible for the listener to interact with audio ads he listens to. What’s more, is that the voice-commerce market is going to be worth 30 billion dollars in just a few years. And this forecast is right. There is nothing more native than voice commerce”.

Anna-Lena: “Testing out formats and being creative within the existing solutions is the key to successful personalisation. Running one test and hoping the results won’t change through the years is not such a good idea. Well-targeted ads, using First Party Data sources, are 6 times more effective compared to generic targeted ads”.

Sam: “Benefits of hearing targeted, personalized creative content are here on every side. The listener prefers to hear the relevant information, like the current weather or local stores. On the other hand, the publishers can monetise this advertising space for a higher price because the advertisers’ ads are more effective and lead to more purchases”. “Contextual data layered within the creative to make it ‘FEEL’ personal, which grabs the listener attention”.

Abhi: “By developing an on-device contextual solution, we’ve addressed one of the core concerns of privacy as it eliminates the reliance on IDs and avoids sending out raw data; all the while empowering publishers to unlock the value of contextual 1st party data”.

The third lecture asked a question about how to win the ears of our listeners or in other words, how to give our listener a perfectly fitted and engaging audio experience, noticing that the audience consists of a great number of absolutely unique persons. The audio doesn’t sound that great through the video, so the idea behind this presentation was really surprising because the author wanted to give us a true audio immersive experience. There was no video presentation – we had to put our headphones on and listen to the beautiful creations filled with illuminating insights.

The last speaker told us about how choosing audio is the best way to overcome some hard and inconvenient laws for some groups of advertisers. In our opinion, it’s just the next argument supporting the thesis that audio as a medium is simply the best.

If you were present during the Audio Week: Creative Workshop – good for you! And for those of you who couldn’t make it to our meeting – don’t worry – here you can watch the recording of the whole webinar. In addition, IAB has published a report on Audio Week – we encourage you to read it.

See you next time!