AdTonos are pleased to announce that we have appointed the brilliant Lisa Stevenson as a Business Development Director, to support and grow our company in the UK, as featured in ExchangeWire.

Lisa brings with her a wealth of experience and an impressive set of accolades; having designed and presented on her own restricted licence radio station for 4 weeks whilst still at school, Lisa went on to win high achiever awards and was selected for Global’s award-winning Masterclass program in 2017-18. For over 15 years, she found success in some of the largest market-leading brands as a business development media professional, with particular expertise in radio. Some radio channels that she has worked with over the years include Heart, Smooth, and Capital FM. 

She has worked for GWR, GCAT Radio, GCAP Media, and DLKW agency. She built her career at Global Radio selling DAX innovation and tech. 

Paul Smith, AdTonos’ SVP of Sales, saw great potential for leadership in Lisa, so he supported Lisa’s career progression to give her an opportunity to apply and develop her managerial qualities. She attended a masterclass for best in company. At Communicorp UK, Lisa managed a team across several radio stations, overseeing commercial and campaign management. 

“I am extremely delighted to have Lisa join our commercial team here at AdTonos. Lisa’s experience, relationships and approach to business is just what we are looking for as we continue to grow our UK business. It’s a very exciting time for us as a team, as Lisa will complement and support us in achieving our huge goals and aspirations in the digital audio marketplace.” – Paul Smith, SVP,  AdTonos. 

We are excited to see Lisa’s expertise in audio advertising and project management in action, especially in our future product launches, media buying, and commercial leadership. To support our exponential from in 2021, where our audience grew over five times to 3+ billion playouts and 272+ million unique listeners, Lisa will help launch innovative advertisement tools into the UK market, and support the company’s continual expansion in the region.  

Lisa Stevenson, AdTonos Business Development Director UK, added: “Digital audio is just so exciting, especially the YoursTruly™ offering, powering native voice interactions with brand’s audio ads – a cutting-edge innovation in this space. It is thrilling to be a part of AdTonos as they ramp up on their rapid growth trajectory.”

AdTonos are eager to begin taking the UK digital audio market by storm as we leverage Lisa’s invaluable insights and skillset to turbocharge our successes across the biggest podcast, audiobook, gaming, music and radio channels. We are committed to providing a workplace that operates on trust, where our employees are surrounded by creative, like-minded people who aren’t afraid to have fun, innovate and dare to be forward-thinking. Welcome to the team, Lisa!

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