“How does AdTonos innovate?

Michal Marcinik: It is a constant process. I am a huge fan of Blue Ocean Strategy, making the competition irrelevant. It is easy to say, but the foundation lays in two solid pillars. One is the vision and the ability to match ideas and solve puzzles. The second is the execution. No one will succeed if he has the greatest visions but can’t make them happen. Another way round – if you are perfect in executing, you are probably the best manager working for someone else but won’t deliver significant achievements or disrupt the market. I am trying my best to drive that innovation spirit in my company and get some help from other people who can execute. We constantly observe the market, and I think that because of our experience, we have a better understanding and intuition of where the market is going. Secondly, we do listen to our customers’ needs and deliver new features requested by them.”

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