The Exciting Potential of Podcast Advertising

Did you know that according to a new study, podcast advertising can increase trust levels in advertised products by 18%? Podcast advertising also has a halo effect on brand perceptions. Just by promoting a brand on a well-respected podcast (e.g., one of The Guardian’s podcasts) audience opinions about that brand improved by 17%!

Similarly, adverts on podcasts were also shown in this study to increase listener attention and sales. Incredibly, there was an 89% rise in new unique visitors on advertiser websites! This demonstrates the great potential of audio advertising on podcasts, and the promising results these ads can have for digital marketers.

“The fact that podcasts are commanding higher levels of attention and increase the effectiveness of other formats means they should be an essential addition to any media plan.” – Imogen Fox, Director of Advertising, Guardian News & Media

65% of podcast listeners pay attention to audio ads they are exposed to. In comparison, only 39% of TV and 38% of radio ad listeners are attentive. Additionally, 51% of weekly podcast listeners shared that podcast ads encourage them to make purchases. By contrast, only 38% of radio listeners could say the same. 

Which AdTech can Help Optimise Ads on Podcasts?

We’ve learnt that podcast consumption is more active and requires greater attention from the listener.  In particular, podcasts focuses their attention in a much more effective way. We’ve seen this first-hand as the world’s fastest growing provider of interactive, real-time ad replacements for radios, smart speakers and voice assistants, mobile gaming and podcasts.

Through Audiopixel™, our proprietary solution, advertisers are able to track audio campaign performance from ad playout to website visits. Because advertisers can embed our tracking pixel on the pages they want to track, this allows them to measure user engagement in various audio channels. In short, advertisers can track campaign effectiveness in real-time, and determine how many and which listeners visited any given webpage after hearing a specific ad. You can read more about some of our success stories here.

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Podcast Audiences and Diversity

Here’s another interesting insight from The Guardian’s podcast study: almost a third of weekly podcast listeners are from under-represented ethnic groups. This highlights the growing diversity of podcast audiences, and so advertisers must effectively communicate to a wider audience. Our Adtech solutions integrate with over 20 DSPs and Google Analytics IDs or Google Tag Manager; because of this, advertisers can measure web traffic generated from our ad campaigns. Most importantly, our platform also has over 400 IAB taxonomy-compliant options to choose from. For example, audiences can be targeted according to gender, language and geography. In other words, Audiopixel™ can help remarket effectively to a diverse audience with dynamic creative content.

Fascinated about the potential of podcast advertising? Then you can read more about The Guardian’s podcast study here.