Research shows listening is now the second most popular online activity among US adults, beating social media browsing, and preceded only by video. This leads to more media investment, with programmatic audio buying a growing part of the overall picture.

Because digital audio is a naturally mobile channel – much more so than video, let alone text – it’s now seen as a promising advertising opportunity, offering much deeper engagement. In fact, according to Nielsen Media Lab, digital audio ads have a 24% higher recall rate than the display ads we’re used to.

Audio content publishers and marketplaces like Spotify, Pandora, or TargetSpot are seeing an increase in their programmatic ad revenue, Spotify claiming it now adds up to over 25% of its entire ad revenue. 

To maximise its effectiveness, audio should be a coherent part of a digital strategy that uses different channels – but it now has the potential to become one of the strongest players in the team.

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