Did you know that US podcast ad spend has been forecast to make up 8% of all podcast ad spend? This compares to 2.2% of programmatic podcast ad inventory sold in 2020. Despite the vast potential for programmatic ads in podcasts, many podcast channels and hosting platforms can’t yet accommodate a 100% automated, programmatic way of working, and most podcast networks don’t work with open ad marketplaces

While this limits the programmatic inventory that these networks have access to and can be seen as a disadvantage, this is often by design to ensure brand safety; private marketplace (PMP) or programmatic guaranteed (PG) deals are direct deals done through designated sales teams to only allow pre-approved advertisers into their network. There is also an additional disincentive to moving away from host-read ads: for 1 minute of the host’s time and effort in reading out an ad, they can earn between $10,000 – 75,000; programmatic ad placement is not usually as lucrative up-front. 

Why Programmatic?

Despite the high up-front benefits of host-read ads, these types of ads don’t typically match the scale of programmatic ads, and the potential longer-term monetisation of running programmatic ads can vastly overshadow the ad revenue generated via host-read ads. Companies can also benefit from the best of both worlds, blending host-read ads with dynamic ad replacement offered by programmatic platforms like AdTonos’ marketplace. AdTonos can meet advertisers and publishers where they are; if clients need more tailored support, we can provide some account management support, but more experienced users can engage with the platform self-sufficiently. The platform digitises the process of placing bids for ads, and can fully automate campaigns. 

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