“According to UK econometric analysis radio produces £7.70 revenue ROI for every pound spent – second only to TV overall, and higher in a number of product categories e.g. retail, finance, travel, automotive. This is supported by a separate analysis which demonstrates that radio delivers profit ROI of £1.61 per £1 spend, again second only to TV” – concluded Radiocentre.

There is a wealth of industry research that demonstrates the impact of radio across a range of metrics when used as part of a wider media campaign. The authors of the article on the Radiocentre website present, among others the radio effectiveness factors:

  • Return on investment (ROI),
  • The Brand Multiplier,
  • Brand fame,
  • Boosting awareness and consideration,
  • Brand relevance and trust,
  • Radio and response.

Analysis of the IPA Databank reveals that including radio as part of the mix significantly increases the chance of achieving brand fame.

Find out more in the article.