“The latest IPA Bellwether report paints a positive picture of the recovery of the industry. It is extremely encouraging to see marketing budgets thriving again for the first time since 2019, with ad spend forecasts also set to improve throughout 2021.” – said Elizabeth Brennan, Head of Advertiser Strategy, Permutive.

She continued:

“With the recent updates to Apple’s privacy protections for iOS 15, coupled with third-party cookies being removed from Google Chrome by the end of 2023, it’s clear the protection of consumer privacy in digital advertising is gaining momentum. As we enter this new post-pandemic era, consumer privacy must remain at the forefront of advertiser’s minds. Both advertisers and publishers must ensure they have a sustainable, privacy-safe solution that not only safeguards them from the tumultuous changes in the industry but helps them take advantage of upcoming opportunities. For this to happen, ad tech will need to take a new role in facilitating the direct relationships between media buyers and media owners. Publisher first-party data is already becoming the key to the future of digital advertising.”

Silke Zetzsche, Commercial Director, A Million Ads added:

“It is fantastic to see marketing budgets improving for the first time since Q4 2019 – a true sign of the progress and recovery our industry is making. However, brands shouldn’t get complacent – now is the time to bring a fresh take to advertising to recapture the attention of consumers through a personal approach.”

“The report shows that within main media, video spend has increased by 0.9 per cent from Q1, whilst audio spend has increased by a massive 10.1 per cent. This should come as no surprise and as a result, we are increasingly seeing advertisers rolling their audio and video advertising approaches into one to create a unified AV strategy. Adding a dynamic element to this allows brands to instantly adjust elements such as voice-overs, script lines and visuals based on contextual clues and data signals, making the creative much more engaging and personalised to its target audience.”

We are also optimistic about the future of audio marketing.

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