The results of the study by the Media Psychology Lab of the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona clearly show that more people have been listening to the radio in Spain during the Covid-19 quarantine and the perception of radio has become more positive.

The consumption of radio and other audio formats like podcasts and audiobooks has grown during the COVID-19 lockdowns. What’s more, people are listening to the radio more and to more radio stations than before the pandemic. 80% of the respondents in the study felt positive about radio performance during the pandemic. Radio is seen as the medium people trust the most when it comes to covering news on the coronavirus pandemic: credible, neutral, and impartial.

At the same time, listeners questioned in the study said less airtime should be devoted to the pandemic in favour of more entertainment. Even though the study shows programmes that have grown the most during quarantine are news and informational content. Radio is universally seen as a medium that’s personal and more connected to the audience than others. That’s why advertising using personalisation capabilities known from digital ads can be so effective.

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