Smart Speakers are gaining importance in advertising. According to the survey from Adobe which involved the use of smart speakers during quarantine, it turns out that 46% of consumers own a smart speaker (up from just 25% in May 2019), used their voice assistants more often and 51% heard ads on them. An Adweek article citing data from an Adobe survey we can learn:

“In fact, 58% said they find smart speaker ads to be less intrusive than other formats (TV, print, online and social), which is up from 43% last year. Another 52% said they actually find smart speaker ads to be more engaging, which is up from 42% in 2019 — and 57% said the ads are more relevant.”

Lisa Lacy, the author of the article, suggests that radio-like audio ads can be “the Hottest ad format of 2020”.

And what do consumers do with their smart speakers? Still the same: listening to music remains the most popular activity (60%), asking about the weather (55%), asking fun questions (46%), confirming information (39%), and setting reminders and alarms (39%).

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