Despite the fact we have had a wonderful but very late dinner with our fellow members from The Association of European Radios we came to the event very early not to miss any interesting session or a chance to have a fruitful talk with some radio representatives.

The most exciting session “Dear Advertising Industry, the answer to all your Programmatic concerns is… Digital Audio” led by Stuart Mays (Director of Commercial Strategy, Global, UK) and Martin Baumgartner (Head of Business Development, Swissradioworld, Switzerland) pointed that buying and selling digital advertising inventory has changed dramatically in recent years. With programmatic advertising, brands and agencies buy inventory via an automated process. By using this data efficiently and effectively, they can target audiences with ads that are relevant to specific customers’ needs.

But this was not definitively the best session. On the last day of the conference, we were given a true gem – meeting with rock and new romantic star – Midge Ure.