The Global Head of International Sales from Spotify and Global SVP of Demand from Adswizz have joined the AdTonos board. Pierre Naggar, ex-Global SVP of Demand from Adswizz and Alex Faust, ex-Global Head of International Sales from Spotify are the new Board Advisors.

Pierre Naggar is a senior programmatic and digital audio expert and joins AdTonos with 20 years of experience in the digital advertising and marketing industry. Alex Faust has been in the media and advertising space for over 20 years, in a variety of sales and marketing roles.

“As they say: ‘work with people smarter than you and ask them what you should do’ and that is why I am so happy that Alex and Pierre are joining us,” said Michal Marcinik, CEO and Founder. “Their extraordinary, senior experience at Spotify and Adswizz will bring AdTonos to a much larger scale and as we already started shaping new strategies, I dare to say, the growth acceleration is something very likely to sustain in 2023.”

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