A startup is a company working to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed…

The long and exciting road has come to an end. We’ve spent one day in Warsaw to celebrate our graduation event with our mentors and inCredibles representatives from Kulczyk Investment: Lawrence Barclay, Yaryna Nych and from Google Campus: Rafał Plutecki, Kacper Grzesiak and IBM Poland&Baltics CTO, Piotr Pietrzak.

The know-how

The initiator of the inCredibles program and host of the finale event, Sebastian Kulczyk greeted the graduates and guests. His speech contained insights on the Polish state of the economy towards entrepreneurship and high praises for the startups.

“When we first started the project, we were wondering what would come out of it. The results surpassed our expectations on all levels, quality included”.

The inCredibles achieved the best results in comparison to any other startup acceleration programme held this year in Poland. 426 startups applied for participation in the contest. At the time of the finals, that record-breaking number of applications had to be narrowed down to 10. The finals left the Incredibles with only 5 startups. Chosen as the most promising, best candidates for future success. With only the best ideas to solve their problems.

Sebastian Kulczyk said this to the graduates:

“I took great pleasure in watching you evolve, your products are now fully developed”.

You can read more on inCredibles website here.

Source: The InCredibles finale – Incredibles.