In one of our previous blog articles, we extensively discussed the Edison Research findings of their annual Infinite Dial study. Today, we will focus on podcasts and revealing insights for marketers and media agencies. Here are the key takeaways regarding podcasts:

Podcasting’s Growing Influence

Podcasting merits a more substantial position in media strategies rather than being relegated to experimental endeavours. With 135 million Americans, representing 47% of individuals aged 12 and above, reached monthly, its influence spans various demographics, including those aged 18-34, 18-49, and 25-54, with monthly reach hovering around the low 60% range.

Shifting Budgets

Considering the comparable reach performance of podcasting and TV, especially among the 18-34 demographic where podcast reach matches TV, reallocating TV budgets to podcasting becomes a feasible consideration.

Female Listenership Surge

Female podcast audiences have experienced explosive growth, with record highs in both habituation and reach. From 2020 to 2023, female monthly podcast reach surged by +15%, reaching 45% in 2024. Moreover, the gap between male and female listeners has significantly narrowed, with female monthly podcast reach now nearly equal to that of males.

The “5% Solution”

Media agencies and brands are encouraged to adopt Arnie Semsky’s “5% solution” for podcasts. Similar to Semsky’s strategy for cable TV, allocating 5% of digital ad budgets to podcasts can yield meaningful impact, considering podcasting’s status as America’s fastest-growing audio platform.

These insights underscore the increasing significance of podcasts in the media landscape and the need for marketers to adapt their strategies accordingly. As podcasts continue to gain momentum, embracing their potential can lead to enhanced audience engagement and campaign effectiveness.

For more in-depth insights, you can view or download the full deck from Edison Research.

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