In a recent report by Voices, the leading voice-over marketplace, titled “Sound On: The Power of Audio When Building a Brand,” the impact of audio on viewer engagement with advertisements and branded social media content was analysed. Based on a survey of 1,000 Americans, the report revealed compelling insights into the significance of audio in shaping brand perception and consumer behaviour.

The findings underscore the strong influence of audio in advertising, with 67% of respondents indicating that ads with audio are significantly more engaging and 73% noting that they are more memorable than ads without audio. Moreover, the report highlights that audio in advertisements substantially enhances brand recall, with 84% of participants expressing that they can easily associate the audio components of ads with the respective brands.


Tara Parachuk, Senior Manager of Brand Communications at Voices, emphasised the pivotal role of audio in brand identity, stating, “Knowing how powerful audio is in building brand recognition and memorability, it’s a no-brainer for brands to incorporate it into their branding efforts strategically.” Parachuk noted the significance of integrating audio into content strategy, particularly in the context of the audio-centric landscape of social media.

The report also delved into platform-specific audio consumption habits, revealing that platforms such as YouTube and TikTok are sound-dominant, with most users keeping the sound enabled during their browsing activities. In contrast, platforms like LinkedIn and Reddit are characterised by quiet consumption, with many users rarely or never turning on the sound.

Notably, the report shed light on the impact of trending and shareable audio in branded content, indicating that 27% of respondents find such content more engaging. Additionally, nearly a third of participants expressed a positive reception towards brands leveraging social media trends, provided that the content aligns with the brand’s identity.

The significance of audio in creating shareable content was evident, with over half of respondents indicating that they have shared or reposted videos specifically because of the audio content. Reasons for sharing included finding the audio entertaining and enjoyable and resonating with the music or audio clips featured in the content.

The compelling insights from the report underscore the critical role of audio in shaping brand engagement and consumer behaviour on social media platforms. They highlight the importance of brands leveraging audio as a strategic tool in their content and branding endeavours.

The full report can be accessed here for a comprehensive overview of the findings. To explore further insights into the world of voice-over and audio branding, visit Voices website.