Radiocentre Ireland, in collaboration with research company Colourtext, has recently conducted a groundbreaking research study called CampaignFX. This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of Irish audio advertising and provide Irish advertisers and agencies with valuable insights into how their audio campaigns are performing. CampaignFX is the most comprehensive analysis of audio advertising effectiveness ever undertaken in Ireland, covering 31 brands across five key advertiser categories, including Personal Banking, TV Streaming, Fast Food and delivery, General Insurance, and Health Insurance.

The Research Methodology

CampaignFX is based on the respected ‘Test versus Control Group’ research methodology, which has been carefully modified for the Irish market. The study utilises a ‘stratified two-factor test-versus-control’ sample and analysis scheme. This approach involves dividing the survey respondents into two groups: the TEST group, comprising average and heavy radio listeners, and the CONTROL group, comprising light and non-listeners to the radio. The study also identifies brands on-air with a radio campaign and those not at the time of the survey. By analysing the levels of Advertising Awareness for each brand, the study reveals the impact of radio advertising on brand performance.

Key Findings

The CampaignFX study has uncovered several key findings that shed light on the impact of radio advertising on brand performance. The first significant finding is that audio advertising, particularly radio, is crucial in creating future brand demand. The study demonstrates a 26% uplift in Advertising Awareness for radio advertisers compared to brands not using radio.


Moreover, the research reveals that radio advertising significantly enhances Brand likability and Trust, with Brand likability being almost 9 times higher for brands using radio and Brand Trust showing a 72% increase for radio advertisers.


In addition, the data indicates that radio advertising helps to convert existing consumer demand by driving higher Brand Consideration and Online Brand Search. Brand Consideration was 33% higher for brands using radio, while Online Brand Search showed a 45% uplift for radio advertisers. Furthermore, the study found a 55% increase in Brand Purchase Intent for brands using radio advertising.



The third key finding emphasizes the importance of audio creativity in optimising radio campaigns. The study reveals that brands using radio advertising achieved a 12% higher Creative Standout compared to brands not, highlighting the impact of consistent and distinctive audio elements in building a brand’s identity.

In summary, the CampaignFX study provides compelling evidence of the effectiveness of audio advertising, particularly radio, in creating future demand, enhancing Brand Likeability and Trust, and converting existing consumer demand. The insights from this study can be invaluable for Irish advertisers and agencies in refining their audio advertising strategies.

To delve deeper into the findings of the CampaignFX study, you can watch the full webinar and download the presentation deck by clicking on the links.


Source: Radiocentre Article